Smart biene productsSmart Biene is a Mechatronic based corporation located in Stuttgart, Germany focusing on industrial application of sensors . Customized solution  is our most important Competitive Advantage and we are known and famous as Customized solution provider in between our clienteles. Our products stood out with Long-term tests and are used in a veracity of supersensitive and risky industries such as oil and gas, military and power plant industries.
Main core of Smart Biene formed in field applications of pressure measurement and as result established company by founders in 2002.
Research and manufacturing areas of Smart Biene Corporation are Temperature, Pressure And Level Measurements.

Smart Biene is now active in more than 20 countries in Europe, our products are sold and has been praised in more than 3500 engineering projects  with customized applications. All products have all necessary approvals and certificates.

Level Measurement

Hydrostatic Level TransmitterOngoing Quality, reliability and being economic are the most important aspects of any level measurement application.

Smart Biene is a European manufacturer of level measurement instrumentations, Hydrostatic level transmitters and indicators, Ultrasonic Level transmitters and Indicators, level switches like Rotary Paddle level switches, capacitive level switches...
Long time life cycling tests and flexible customized solutions are the main characteristics of
Smart Biene level transmitters.

Hydrostatic Level transmitters
Rotary Paddle Level Switch

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Pressure Measurement

pressureVariety applications of pressure measurement,  Convinced Smart Biene to Present multi task pressure Measurement solutions. Each application could be customized by unique smart biene pressure Transmitter. Pressure measurement , differential pressure measurement of a pipe line with Filter or multi point pressure measurement of a process field can be achieved by an unique Smart biene transmitter  with a variety of communication Protocols.


Digital Pressure transmitter.
Differential Pressure Transmitter.

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Temperature measurement

TemperatureMost applications of temperature measurements happen with in hard environmental conditions such

 As oil, gaseous Contamination, high temperatures etc. smart biene offers a unique smart solution in Like these environments, you can configure device with infrared switches  no need to opening panel in such Environments. multi sensor type connections are possible for these products, logging data, And configuration of device by easy to use SB-software’s.


Smart Temperature Transmitter & Indicator

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Wind Measurement

Wind data LoggerSmart Biene wind speed and direction Data Logger is a reliable device in weather stations:

  • Smart Biene measures data from 3 different sensors (wind speed or direction) with a high resolution and reliable design and logging data on Micro SD Card.
  • Also you can see online graph of measured values by Device Software on a PC with USB port.
  • You can have analogue and digital outputs to command other devices or alarms.
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